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who are thesearchitects…

We make houses and cafés and studios. Spaces people live and play and work in.
We think, we talk, we draw and we make models.
we are story tellers.
We care about space and its endless potential.
We unlock the resonating poetry within the idea.
We see possibilities in problems, needs, desires.
We believe that architecture is a dance of decision and opportunity.
We are excited by the pencil, the line, the story… the home, the place of work, the surface, the detail.

as partners, we complete projects far beyond our individual capabilities.
our partnership is conceived and executed as a constantly-evolving collaboration.
and we strive to always understand our clients needs, wishes and drives.

thesearchitects are…


gina studied art history before architecture and believes truth is in the lines of the brush stroke.

She was the founding partner of design nine architects, the predecessor to thesearchitects after completing her degree in fine art studio and architecture at the university of toronto, gina developed her passions in a variety of venues- from furniture companies to architectural practices eventually specialising in residential design. She prides herself in being detailed-oriented, focused and always approachable.  She skills herself in bringing the right players to the table to make each project a success.

she is a licensed architect with the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA),  a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (mRAIC) and a member of the Toronto society of architects (tsa) and the niagara society of architects (NSoA).


colin studied history before architecture and believes truth lies deep in the page.

He teamed up with gina to create thesearchitects having previously worked in both small and large toronto firms building a varied portfolio of projects that spanned the globe from the Middle East to asia. over the years He specialised in retail and hospitality design while eventually branching off into residential design. He’s passionate about making a space sing its' story and cares deeply in bringing out the very best in a project, encouraging a tight collaborative team effort to deliver a project that exceeds expectations.

he is a licensed architect with the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) and a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (mRAIC) and a member of the toronto society of architects (tsa).


channing studied music long before architecture and believes beauty lies behind the melody. 

He is a graduate of ryerson university with a Bachelor of Architectural Science, specialising in design in 4th year. he is classically trained in the alto saxophone having worked his way through the Royal Conservatory of Music in toronto and spent many a session in a variety of bands and ensembles. channing is a key member of the team, valued for his keen eye to detail, working through all the stages of a project- from design to construction.

and to quote bowie

All the majesty of a city landscape
All the soaring days in our lives
All the concrete dreams in my mind's eye
All the joy i see through
these architects' eyes
- David Bowie