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house for 3 daughters, toronto (in progress)

meanwhile wine bar, hamilton (in progress)

house in the hill (in progress)

attic house, toronto (in progress)

house in fenwick, niagara (in progress)

house for 2 priests, niagara (in progress)

hotel renovations, niagara (in progress)

skylon tower renovations phase 2, niagara (in progress)

the barista and the photographer, toronto

moonless cafe (study)

the font and the bean (font coffee bar), niagara

house 132 | house 130, toronto

house in fonthill, niagara

house on castlefield, toronto

schaf skincare product display, various

house in leaside, toronto

sky restaurant (skylon tower), niagara

garden studio, toronto

grow cafe, niagara

sky tower (skylon tower), niagara

house in port credit, mississauga

the dinosaur cottage, georgian bay

house on Banff, toronto

a house for entertaining, toronto

schafrick photography studio, toronto